katzenklavier (firemasque) wrote in badmasturbation,

Not mine, but...

I have plenty of embarassing masturbation moments - the time I found my mum's vibe when I was fifteen, her asking me how many times a week, etc (no, I didn't answer), but this story from when I was at boarding school is possibly the worst thing ever to happen to anyone.

At the boarding school I went to, when I was about 16, I was in a dormitory that was open-plan. The girl in the bed next to mine was a bit weird, but hell, so was I, and we didn't get on particularly, so we just sorta ignored each other.

For weeks, the whole house had been slightly mystified by our crazy matron's latest rantings, conducted during our house morning meetings - being a naval school, it was called muster, and was conducted in a yard in the middle of the house, with us standing to attention in rows, all 60-odd of us. Matron had started rambling on about a toilet brush that kept going missing and being returned. We thought nothing of it. After all, no one would steal a toilet brush....

.....or so we thought until one night, at around 10pm, when the lights came on suddenly, and matron came down the dormitory, ripping everyone's quilts off the bed, going 'WHO'S GOT THE BRUSH?'

I was like, 'oh crap, my nightie's ridden up, everyone will see that I don't wear knickers to bed, how embarassing' and tried to get my nightie back down....not that anyone noticed, since there was a shriek from the bed next to me, and just this collective GASP from the whole dorm....

Yep, the girl next door was lying there, with the toilet brush just.....sticking out of her. She left the next day. And nobody noticed I wasn't wearing any knickers :-)
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That's disgusting!!! Ohmygod, I would have died! I'd hate to be the person who had to use to toilet brush after she had it shoved up her cooch.
No doubt! LOL
Oh my god!!! HAHAHA XD
That's brilliant - and what amazing settings for it aswell!!
That is a truely astounding tale.
that is foul. absolutley foul.
ugh. that really is horrible! she should have found someone of her own. =X
...I find myself having to ask...which end of the toilet brush?
Yeah, me too. Though, I'm betting it was the brush end, cause how much satisfaction could you really get from those thin plastic handles?
No, it was the plastic handle.

Deleted comment

I know. It was just...the wrongest thing EVER. I hate to think of the amount of domestos she must have had in her vag.