inwe_elensar (inwe_elensar) wrote in badmasturbation,

Damn interruptions!

So last night after not quite getting it on in the shower (no real place to stick my favorite dildo) I decided that since Auntie was watching tv, and I was refreshed after my shower, I might as well Jill it.

So I slap a dab of KY Intense on my clit, burrow under the covers, and go to town... Oh yeah I was SO CLOSE when my aunt walks into the room, searching for her nursing diploma (My own house flooded so I was staying in the room my grandma was in) I sat up on the bed, dildo still snugly nestled in my cooch, hiking my panties up and putting a towel over my hips to hide the bulge.

She spends some time searching for the document while I furtively rub my clit, hand down my panties. Thankfully, just before the arousal totally subsides, she leaves and I was able to finish up, finally.
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