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badmasturbation's Journal

Self Sex Gone Wrong
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Tired of posting in bad_sex only to be met with hostility and told that your story belongs in "bad_masturbation"? Ever made the search only to learn that there is no such community? Well, now there is! badmasturbation is for those posts that don't involve a bad partner, a place for you to share those embarrassing self_sex stories with others who will share in your amusement.

The community is maintained by crazy_alexy and pickmybrians. If you have any comments or see something that distresses you, please email bad.masturbation.mods@gmail.com, with details and a link to the thread so that the situation can be dealt with. Do NOT send the moderator(s) emails detailing what rules you think need to change, or that so-and-so's story isn't quite bad enough so you think it should be deleted.

This is NOT a community for people to read about masturbation experiences in hopes of turning it into porn. If you are looking for pornographic stories, I'm sure you can find plenty of free porn online without trolling this community.
Also, If you have a sex question/need advice, visiting sex_tips is probably a better bet, though the occasional post will not be met with hostility.

Posting memes, spam, or anything that violates the LiveJournal TOS will be banned no questions asked, no apologies accepted. Trolling, harassing, obsessing over grammar, disallowing comments on an entry, screening comments on an entry, deleting comments on an entry, declaring yourself mod, posting your feelings about why good stories shouldn't be allowed or whatever will result in banning. This is a community for bad masturbation stories. That's all it is. An LJ community. It is not real life. It is not worth starting a war over.

Do NOT post stories that are Urban Legends, and attempt to pass them off as true stories. We're here because of bad masturbation, not because we're stupid. If any of these stories from Snopes.com shows up as a post, it WILL be deleted.

Again, have an issue, e-mail a mod. Otherwise, calm down, pull out your favorite toy, and have some self lovin' in your nice comfy bed. Better yet, masturbate somewhere where you might get caught so you can post about it later.

crazy_alexy, pickmybrians, and badmasturbation would like to thank bad_sex for the template for these rules, and in some cases full sentences.