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It can't get worse than...

This is probably the only bad masturbation I can recall thus far, but I'm only 19 so there's no telling how it'll be in the future. I've always been quite about sex/masturbation, no sex/masturbation talk when I was younger...and have never been with a guy, yet. I'm still a virgin. Other than the random talk with my friends, sex isn't really existant for me now. So I rely on masturbation.

Anyway, this happened a few years ago while I still lived at home, I'm at college now. It was around maybe 9pm or so one night, dad in the living room, mom in the parents room (right next to mine...imagine how awful that is, with the headboard next to the connecting wall..yeah), and my younger sister was asleep. I thought it would be the perfect time to pull out the vibrator and get down to business. 

And yes, I did lock the door, but unfortunately that still can't keep people out.

I had completely disrobed, had pulled up some stuff on my computer to pleasure myself to, and after a few minutes...I heard a knock on the door. It was my mom. We kept the key to all the rooms in the house next to the microwave, which was right next to my door (my room came out to the kitchen) and she said my name and then something (can't remember now) and when I didn't answer fast enough she went to get the key. Need I say that she's the only one in the house than can unlock the doors with that key? We have old knobs + old key = hard to open.) BEFORE I had time to throw something on, she started opening the door. I ran and slammed it in her face, but not before she got a good look at what I had been doing, because I still held the vibrator in my hand and I was still completely nude. Maybe you can imagine how I felt.

I relocked it, put on pjs, and walked in her room casually like I just hadn't slammed the door in her face. She acted like nothing had happened. We kept it that way.

She has never (thank gosh) said anything about it and I hope with all the power in me that it never comes up in future conversations. Some people might think this was nothing, but we aren't close, have never talked about sex together - we aren't the cute mother/daughter kid of gals. I would talk to my dad about it before her.

Hopefully this will be my first and last time posting here. If not..I'll be back.
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