SHERBZZZZ (sadeyes9074) wrote in badmasturbation,

I was hoping to never have to post here....nonetheless.

I have the best vibrator ever, it's a pretty pink rabbit. He is wonderful to me, and I love him.

Unfortunately about a month ago I got strep throat, and had been suffering headaches daily. Now the strep is gone, and so were the headaches. Until the other day...jilling off and I feel like I am about to explode...just as I cum, THE PAIN SHOOTS THROUGH MY HEAD LIKE A TON OF BRICKS.

I was in tears.

I thought, one time thing. OH NO.

Now EVERYTIME I go for some self love, I get a migraine.

Karma maybe?? I am at a loss.
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Maybe it's a toomah.

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Ahh.. I have had that happen to me a few times before, but not for a while. It is a pain though. But mine weren't continuous... o.O
Oh dear! Well, at least the orgasms outbalance the pain...
I actually get that once in a while as a male, and the only things I can really connect to it are stressing and tensing too hard just before climax, lack of sleep, and certain energy drinks, those were the only contributing factors, and now that I avoid those things as much as possible I haven't been effected by it since.
I'm having that problem right now myself. I get tension headaches really easily, and lately I've been really stressed out and having lots of headaches. Ergo, I can't have intense orgasms without feeling like my head is going to implode. It really sucks. :o(

I actually stopped for a few days to see if that would do it, and it was a tough few days. But it didn't work, I vibed last night and the headaches came. I usually go three rounds before going to bed. Now I can barely go once.
try excedrine migrane before hand*pun* washed down with a stiff drink. it works wonders. one of my ex-s had the same problem. also slow down let your bloodflow equalize.
that happened to me. It was tension related and lasted about a month. It scared the hell out of me. I learned to keep my neck and jaw relaxed when cumming. I don't know if that fixed it or if it went away on it's own. I am just grateful it's gone.

That happened to me because I slept funny on a planeride to Australia to meet a woman I'd been having netsex with for over a year. Every time we did it while I was there (twice a day) I'd get these awful shooting pains in my neck. It went away after a month or two.

I might recommend seeing a doctor if it didn't for you.

I had a similar problem about four years ago. The first time the pain came was when I was pushing to take a shit, and suddenly the most intense pain I've ever felt exploded in my head. It didn't even last 5 minutes, but when it first hit I thought I would pass out. Then it started happening every time I masturbated.

I actually had all sorts of brain scan sort of tests and finally ended up with a neurologist who said I had 'Exertion Migraines'. They are notorious for hitting men as they climax, but aren't so common for females (which I am). The same thing would have happened to me if I had climaxed during intercourse.

Anyway, he put me on a once-a-day medication that worked like a charm. I took it for a long while, and then the doctor had me slowly reduce the dosage. The headaches never came back even after I stopped the meds.

That's called an explosion headache